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ADV EANx/ ADV rec trimix Elevkit
Advanced deeper diving
Elevkit Open Water
Trimix diver kit
Recreational CCR student
student kit for CCR diver (inkl ikke adv eanx eller adv rec trimix)
Normoxic Trimix Diver Kit

Denne butikken benytter DIBS.
Betalingen med kredittkort i denne butikken er sikker og sertifisert.

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Advanced deeper diving Advanced deeper diving

Advanced rec trimix manual deepdiver manual EAD/MOD tabell luft M/50% deco 28/25 trimix tabell IANTD loggbok og logg sider arm slate

The kit contains:

1 x M-2713 Tek Lite manual
1 x Recreational Trimix 28/25
1 x EAD/MOD metric
1 x Air W/50% deco
1 x Logg perm
1 x Logg bok sider
1 x Large soft slate
1 x Deepdiver manual

Price: 1 878,00 NOK

You save -148,92 NOK by bying the kit instead of each item individually.

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